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Welcome to PDX Skill Share, a fresh new online magazine dedicated to publishing content related to skills and soft skill development.

The team at PDX Skill Share consists of human resource specialists with years of experience in employment and skills development programs. The founder, Malakai Serrano worked as a soft skill trainer for multiple corporate companies.

As soft skills are often overlooked in the workplace, Malakai saw the unique opportunity to educate both employers and employees on the importance thereof. This triggered the launch of PDX Skill Share.

Malakai rallied the troops and recruited what is now the formidable team of trainers, educators, HR specialists and writers that makes PDX Skill Share what it is today. When you decide to subscribe to our magazine, you’ll have access to content created to help you excel at your career.

Here’s a quick overview of the type of content published on PDX Skill Share regularly.


Our team’s prime priority is scouring the web for the latest and top-rated learning resources for employers and employees. We share these great resources with our readers to ensure they are able to develop and hone their soft skills to maximize their potential.


We cover everything from conventions to career expos where you will be able to further develop your soft skills and learn from influencers. These events are also ideal networking opportunities for those who are currently looking to expand their existing network.


You will be able to learn and develop the essential soft skills required by corporate companies or just about any sector. Our team of experts find and develop handy guides for our readers to ensure their soft skills are unparalleled and that they are true assets to any establishment.


If you want to keep updated with all the latest and breaking news in the world of employment in a variety of sectors, you’ll get it all right here. At PDX Skill Share we publish any relevant employment news that could be of assistance to our readers.

We look forward to being your partner in your endeavors to maximize your potential and fully harness the powers of soft skills. PDX Skill Share is dedicated to helping you develop essential soft skills that are irreplaceable in any workforce.