Tools for Employers

When it comes to hiring, having the proper tools is a must for every employer. Being an HR manager is a though job, even though a lot of people think that we just do administrative work, well we do not. We handle the delicate process of hiring, payroll, documentation signing, applicant evaluating, workplace issues and a lot more. In this article we will cover all the tools that are available to you, to make your job a lot easier, safer and more interesting at the same time.

What kind of tools should you search for?

There are a lot of tools you can use, some come in many shapes and sizes, others come in a pack. We will cover the tools that you can afford and get started without signing contracts adding non necessary expenditures to your company. The tools that we will cover will be Applicant Tracking Systems & Employment Screening as these are the two most popular types of tools that can help you make your job much easier.

Employment Check Tools

When it comes to hiring, the most important part that you need to do is to screen your potential employees of their criminal history, to make sure that the people you hire aren’t there to cause incidents or damages. There is an interesting article that you can read that will outline all companies and software that you can use for this task. The review is big and we can’t actually fir the entire review here, however you can open it up and read it in detail here: Employment Background Check – CFCW

Note that you don’t have to use companies that will sign a contract with you on the spot, there are numerous services that offer a prepaid or a pay as you go service. Make sure you read the article to choose the proper solution.

Applicant Tracking System

If you’ve reviewed a couple of Applicant Tracking Systems, you may have noticed that a lot of companies are offering background screening services with their platform. Should you use them? The short answer is No. These companies are slower, more expensive and offer worse services. If you would like a good Applicant Tracking System we recommend using any company you can find. Most of them offer similar if not the same services.